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Sussex Car Storage: Security & peace of mind

To preserve the condition of your classic, veteran or vintage car, motorbike or other cherished vehicle it is important that when entering storage they are as clean as possible.

For this reason Sussex Motor Car Storage puts all classic cars and vehicles through a thorough cleaning cycle, paying particular attention to wheel arches and hidden dirt traps under the body.

Before entering storage and after cleaning vehicles are dried and polished with a premium car wax before being fitted with a breathable cover to preserve its "presented" condition.

Before your classic, veteran or vintage car, motorbike or other vehicle enters storage Sussex Motor Car Storage will:-

  • Photograph your classic car or other vehicle
  • Agree the body condition and note any blemishes
  • Check fluid levels
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check and note any fluid leaks
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the classic car or other vehicle and polish with a premium wax

Breathable covers are available for purchase or may be hired at the rate of £2 per week. Clients may prefer to use their own cover. Provided it is not "marque" branded (branding may be removed or appropriately covered) it will be acceptable.

Battery conditioner/chargers are also available for purchase or rental at the rate of £2 per week. We use only CTEK chargers as the "complete charger program" is regarded as highly desirable for the long term storage of motor cars.

Classic, veteran and vintage cars

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