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Sussex Car Storage: Our Prices

Secure classic car storage facility: Near M23 & M25 motorways

Service Basic Premium
Dry, ventilated secure storage . .
Monthly fluid level check . .
Monthly tyre pressure check . .
Permanently connected battery charger/conditioner   .
Engine run to full operating temperature. †motor car will be run on dry, salt free roads for 12 – 15 miles (this may prove impossible during the winter months)   .
Email report to client   .
Weekly charge     £25 £35

† Prices subject to the prevailing rate of VAT.

  • Breathable cover: rental £2 per week
  • Battery conditioner/charger: rental £2 per week
  • Additional services from valeting to servicing are available on request

Note: Breathable covers and battery chargers may be purchased outright

† For non road legal cars we are able to provide exercise privately within the estate.

Class car storage Sussex

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